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Message from Coach Mitchell

City High earns trip to state after unusual season

Coach Brian Mitchell offered the following comments as a wrap-up for 2020. 

I wanted to share with you all how proud we are of all our kids this season! Our players at all levels gave an amazing effort, considering the unusual times.

I am so thankful that we were able to play this season. I feel for those kids in other states who never had this opportunity. We are blessed for that in so many ways. Obviously the varsity team gets the bulk of the recognition year in and year out, but I am proud of each group for dealing with the virus, keeping tight circles, and enabling us to play the year out essentially in its entirety.

We had the privilege to play in the state tournament. While we lost in amazingly tough fashion, it was one of the best team efforts I have been a part of. We had contributions from everyone in the lineup, and we had great team chemistry throughout the entire team. Sincerely, the varsity was composed of teammates who would do ANYTHING for each other and who took on an unselfish, ego-less mentality. Principal Park and the whole experience was TOP NOTCH!

Additionally, we have amazing parents who go above and beyond to make the experience great. THANK YOU for all you did to make this special for all the boys!

I would like to recognize our seniors and the amazing influence, leadership, and unity they brought to our program. Garrett Bormman, Kyle Clark, Reese Hayden, Noah Kabat, and Kolbe Schnoebelen left things better than where they found it.

In closing, I cannot thank everyone enough for their support not only during the season, but especially during the playoffs and at the state tournament. I know there were MANY future Little Hawks who got a taste of what it is like to be at Principal Park for the state tournament, and that is something they can strive for every day. It is tough to get there and win, but that is now our expectation. 

We need to dominate in the weight room and continue with skill development! However, multi-sport participation is still the #1 way to develop the grinder mentality this team displayed!

I also want to thank all our coaches for what they do during the regular season, off-season, and our post-season. We have a great mix of personalities with our coaches at all our levels and it makes it fun.

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