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LHBC Expectations


1) Club Fees:

Each player is responsible for a club fee each season. Club fees are currently set at $150 per season. This money is used to pay for equipment, indoor practice facility rental, outdoor practice field rentals, game fields, team insurance, and other operational expenses for the club.

2) Team Fees:

Each player is responsible for a team fee each season. Team fees are currenlty set at $150 for 6u/7u, and $250 for 8u-14u. This money is primarily used to pay for team tournament registration fees and league fees. Many teams will need additional funds to cover these expenses and will use fundraising and sponsorships to offset the cost difference.

3) Uniform Costs:

Each player must purchase the basic LHBC uniform. Uniforms include 2 jerseys (1 jersey for 6u/7u), pants, belt, socks, and baseball hat. Additional gear (cleats, glove, bat, helmet, bag, etc) is at the expense of each player.

Team Fees:

Total Fees: Age group:

Club Fee

Team Fee


Total Estimated Cost

6u & 7u










Practices, Tournaments,Games: By Age Group


Number of Tournaments

Total number of Games.









Our indoor season officially begins in January with each team hitting indoors together one time per week. Each team will also have indoor team practices at HTRC one time per week. When the weather allows, teams will begin practicing outdoors 2-3 times per week. Games will begin in April and typically run until the first weekend in July.

*Each coach will discuss with the parents on their team prior to the season the amount of games and tournaments planned. The above team fees cover the minimum of tournaments/games. Most teams choose to play more than the minimum amount. The difference in the costs is covered by one of the following: acquiring sponsorships, fundraising and/or additional team fees from each family.

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